This week's GREAT BUY- 11/15-11/21

Thank you ladies for the great respond! All sales item for the week are sold out. Do check back tomorrow for our weekly specials!! Great and stylish items coming up. :)

Coach POPPY Op Art Glam Tote
Shop this style: Coach 13826
Color: Khaki.Gold
SOLD! (Non Restockable)

New Coach MADISON Op Art Chainlink Maggie
Style: 14420
Color: Sv. Purple Multi
SOLD (Non Restockable)

Coach Embossed Patent Leather Leah Tote
Shop this style: 14663
Color: Sv.Blue
SOLD (Non Restockable)

Coach Signature Horse Carriage Gallery Tote
Shop this style: 15157
Color: Khaki.Black
SOLD! (Non Restockable)

Coach Poppy Storypatch Pocket Hobo
Shop this style: 15304
Color: Sv.Khaki.Gold
Retail Price: USD 298 plus tax
SOLD (Non Restockable)